Laser Focused Business

We live in an era of information overload. We are bombarded with media, technology, entertainment, and notifications every day. It seems there are hundreds of people and things competing for your attention at any given time. There is no wonder why in the last few years, our attention spans have become shorter and our ability to focus has decreased.

Your time is valuable. Not being able to focus can have a negative effect on how successful we are at work and in our personal lives. Focus is a skill that we develop through training and practice. Productivity requires intention and strategy to help make your time work for you!

Prioritizing a productivity strategy takes time, patience, and flexibility.

“Focus can only occur when we have said yes to one option and no to all other options,” says James Clear in his article on Focus. Time killers are activities that distract us from what we really need to do. They don’t contribute to helping us achieve our goals.

Time-killing activities are “noise”. They are distractions that kill our ability to focus. Laser focus requires limiting them as much as possible while you are working. The key to focus is to choose one task to do and get rid of the rest. Anything that is not essential for completing that task is a distraction. To help you get started on your journey of maximizing productivity, let’s identify those things that are distracting you from completing your work.

Let’s create your plan will that will get you started on improving your productivity now!

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